Grub 'n' Grog

the Castle On Charles

‚Äčat The Castle on Charles

available on entertainment evenings

Our rustic tavern serves beer & ale,  sangria, grog, hard cider, limited cocktails and several liqours.

For some of our entertainment nights we have a mini-menu with a few choices ... but tasty ones!  Currently we have an appetizer cheese board, a salad and a tasty sandwich.

For dinner shows and private parties,

various quality caterers do the job.

On certain entertainment nights,

such as during our Holiday concerts,

try one of our slow-cooked dishes including Beef Stew and BBQ Pork


For private parties with a full sit-down dinner,

you may bring in a licensed caterer - or be the caterer - and have a feast!

Check out our web-page on private parties